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I’m a Bristol UK based international freelance photographer and specialize in creating high-quality and modern photos for press work, marketing, social media, and documentation. I work with agencies, individuals, publications, and global to local businesses.

With 18 years behind the lens, I understand it’s about more than just showing up with my camera. Not only am I experienced in taking quality photos in high pressure environments, but I excel in the know how and skill to communicate with clients.

I have the ability to blend into any situation and become invisible if need be, or riff with guests in order to get natural smiles from even the most photo shy so they appear relaxed and utterly them selves.

This ensures happy clients, comfortable subjects as well as images that meet demanding expectations. A skill that works both in a studio environment as well as out on location.


- Event Photography; Conferences, Dinners, Influencer events, Awards, Festivals, Promotional


- Editorial Photographer; Features, Photojournalism, Portraits

- Photo Content Creation; Socail Media, Marketing, Annual Reports

- Corporate Photography

Devaki has worked with:

Levi's       Google Pixel         A.V. Club       Adidas       Vice       Facebook       Ghettoblaster Magazine     

  SXSW        Dell       EMC        The Agenda        L Style G Style       The Austin Symphony

The Austin Chronicle        Fact Magazine       Spin        The Washington Post         USA Today